Your Own Custom Poster

Your Own Custom Poster

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Minimum resolution is 8MP (3264 x 2448)
Expect resolutions below this to show lack of detail or slight blur.
(No adult content)

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Colour-correction and photo editing * 

Do you want me to colour-correct the image and prepare it for print?
I will edit your image to make it look perfect on print and send you a copy for approval

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What orientation of the image do you want us to use?
(selecting a different orientation than the original image may cause significant cropping)

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This is Your opportunity to get the poster You always wanted.

Select a size and paper type, and upload Your image or photo.

When You buy Your own poster You allow us to both edit the uploaded image as we please, and put the resulting poster on sale in the general poster webshop. You forfeit any rights to payment or royalties from the sales of posters with your images or any elements of Your images. And You will not be cited or credited in any way.

You will notice the prices are significantly lower on custom posters. The reason is that we maintain the right to use and sell Your images on posters to other customers.

Additional information

Paper Type

Plain Paper 200g, Matt Satin Photo Paper, Poster Photo Paper


100 x 200 cm, A0 (84 X 118 cm), A1 (59 x 84 cm), 84cm x 36cm, 118cm X 51cm


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